Bicycle rentals on a per day rate system. These rentals allow visitors to explore the great roads, rail trails and mountain biking trails in the area. New KHS bicycles of every type are available for rent. Road, Hybrid, Tandem and Mountain are available with prices based on the quality of the bicycle and the duration of the rental. Tandem bicycles and Trail bikes for children are available for couples and families to ride together.  


Delivery is available in our large cargo trailer to anywhere in the region of Norfolk County.
There is a flat rate of $10/bike for delivery. 

Type of Bicycles, Description and Cost
Road: aluminum frame with carbon front fork

Hybridwide seat with high front tire/wheel 


Tandem: two person bike, many different types available

Mountain: light frames, smooth to ride 



 WBI Certified Pro Bike mechanic offering full repairs, parts, bicycle servicing and tune ups.

Cost of repairs is dependent on the individual bicycle. For quotes: